In our beekeeping shop we offer you the most modern and highest quality honey extractors available. Diagonal, radial, honeycomb, cassette extractors in all configurations available on the market: manual, semi-automatic or automatic (with advanced fully automatic control), with 4 types of execution: MINIMA, OPTIMA, CLASSIC and PREMIUM. The best quality of stainless steel construction guarantees reliability and comfort of use of beekeeping equipment. The products offered are ideal for small, medium and large professional beekeepers. You can choose from honey extractors with 3 to 56 honeycombs with the best quality at the best prices.
We are an authorised representative and distributor of Lyson and offer a warranty and service for every honey extractor and all other equipment we offer. Rely on quality - we invite you to cooperate with us!

Functional, high-quality & efficient - modern honey extractors

Bee honey is a valuable natural product. To extract the tasty, healthy honey, it is necessary to spin it out of the combs. This is where our modern honey extractors come into play. We pay attention to the highest quality and outstanding functionality in the selection of our range, so that your new device will prove itself in practical use for many years.

Extracting honey - highlights of the beekeeping year

The spinning of the honeycombs filled with honey is a recurring highlight in a beekeeper's year. Once the sweet honey is in the jar, the time-consuming work has been worthwhile from the beekeeper's point of view. The taste shows how high-quality the spring, summer and autumn honey of a year has become. The use of a mechanical honey extractor ensures that a large part of the golden liquid does not remain in the combs.

A constant temperature of around 36 °C prevails in the beehive. To prevent the honey from cooling down and unintentionally solidifying after removal from the hive, care is taken to spin the honeycombs at room temperature as quickly as possible. Honey is spun without additional heating in order not to damage the consistency of the wax combs and not to destroy any of the valuable vitamins contained in the honey.

Optimal dimensioning of the honey extractor

Modern honey extractors work effectively and reliably. They are available in manual and electric versions. It is up to each beekeeper to decide which operating mode is preferred - manual, semi-automatic or automatic. The quality honey extractors we offer are suitable for small, medium and large beekeeping operations. They offer space for 3 to 56 honeycombs. Our company is a certified partner of the Lyson company. If you would like to expand your apiary in the future, you should make sure when buying that you do not undersize the honey extractor. In our range you will find self-turning extractors, electric and manual tangential extractors as well as radial extractors including the necessary accessories.

Tangential slingshot

The support for the honeycombs is arranged parallel to the outer wall. With each spin cycle, the outside of the honeycomb is harvested. To ensure that it is spun on both sides, you have to turn each comb over.

Radial slingshot

The star-shaped arrangement in the kettle - perpendicular to the wall - ensures that the honey is ejected from both sides at the same time. The turning process is omitted.

Self-reversing centrifuge

The honey extractor automatically changes the direction of rotation by turning the honeycombs suspended in flexible baskets in the boiler.

Excellent advice in the online shop of Seiringer Imkereibedarf

Automatic honey extractors facilitate honey extraction by taking over many work steps. These include uncapping the honeycomb, centrifuging the honey from the honeycomb and cleaning the honey from comb residues. As a beekeeper, you save a lot of time and minimise the effort required. The larger the quantity of honeycombs you process, the more important it is to purchase an electric honey extractor. If you are a young beekeeper with little experience and are unsure which honey extractor is suitable for you, you are welcome to contact our friendly and competent staff. Our chat function on the website is extremely uncomplicated.

Precise workmanship & first-class quality

Every time you use our honey extractors, you will notice the precise workmanship and first-class quality. All components that come into contact with the honey are made of high-quality stainless steel - including the screw connections. Stainless steel does not adulterate the natural taste of the honey. With a high-quality extractor you have little effort. No honey collects at the curved bottom of the boiler, as the outlet tap is located at the lowest point.

The honey can be easily removed from the drum, which makes the honey extractor uncomplicated to clean!