Pleasure Box 2

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Our small pleasure box contains regional products from the beautiful Hausruckviertel. It is available in different sizes and with different product selections. Please contact us by e-mail if you would like to make any changes.

Unsere Standardbox „Genussbox 2“ beinhaltet folgende Produkte:

  • Assortment of chocolates - filled by hand. In all 5 pralines, the sour cherry soaked in liqueur is in the foreground. Different fillings such as marzipan, cappuccino, nougat, white chocolate with egg liqueur and sour cherry liqueur make them a tasteful experience on the palate.
  • Dirndl fruit spread 180 gr Jam with a difference! The cornel cherry (also called dirndl) is a special wild fruit with a hint of sour fits super:
    • as a cranberry substitute for schnitzel and game
    • in cakes, pies and biscuits
    • on the breakfast sandwich
  • Berry Dream 180 grIt's a fruit mirror made of cherries, raspberries and juiced currant.It goes great:
    • with desserts such as Kaiserschmarrn, rice pudding, curd cheese soufflé, curd cheese dumplings, etc....
    • in yoghurt and muesli
    • with curd cream or other creams and soufflés
    • To the ice
  • Beeswax candle

Made from 100% genuine Austrian beeswax without the addition of paraffin wax

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