For me as an enthusiastic hobby baker, honey has always had a very high status in wholefood cuisine. So it was only a matter of time before I became interested in the production of this liquid gold. Back then, in 2007, I was still completely unaware of the miracle I was about to embark on.

Soon I was overwhelmed and completely captivated by the natural perfection around the happenings of my bee colonies. Very quickly I was able to inspire my husband Roland for the ancient craft of beekeeping. Little by little we became aware of how many precious, healthy things the bee colony prepares for us.


Since the conditions for bees and therefore also for beekeeping have changed in recent years (environmental issues, varroa mite,) it is our special concern to offer the bees an ideal habitat through intensive care and conscious handling. It is also important to us to convey to people the value and the position of honey bees in the livestock chain, as they are in the service of all of us and not only in the service of those who also consume honey. The pollination activity of bees increases the yield of fruit and vegetable harvests many times over. It is important to us to give something back to nature through our work with the bees. This is mainly done through pollination to ensure the survival of many plants and thus actively protect the environment. The bee and its well-being and not the commercial mass production of honey, wax and pollen come first.

In spring and summer, the beekeeping year is divided into the formation of young colonies and the care of mother colonies as well as the harvesting of honey and propolis and the extraction of wax. From late summer onwards, our work concentrates on processing the extracted wax, maintaining beekeeping supplies and marketing our honey.

Roland Seiringer

My name is Roland Seiringer I am 41 years old married to Susanne and father of 2 sons.

My home is in the beautiful Anzental, which is located in the Hausruckviertel near Schwanenstadt. There, with the support of my wife, I run our beekeeping business with an affiliated specialist beekeeping shop on a full-time basis. My great passion is of course my family, beekeeping, mountaineering and hunting.

Susanne Seiringer

My name is Seiringer Susanne, I am 40 years old, a hobby beekeeper and live with my husband Roland and our two sons in the beautiful Hausruckviertel near Schwanenstadt.

I am a beautician and run my own beauty salon.

I like to spend my free time running, climbing mountains and going for long walks with our 2-year-old Weimaraner dog.